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How to Van Swap

Creating a profile and using the site

3 Simple steps to get you ready to Van Swap:

OK, so you have already discovered swapmyvan.com and created a profile (if not yet so, you can create one by clicking here). You might have already decided that swapping your ride is better than to rent a campervan, and have even started dreaming about where do you want to travel by van next. No matter if you want to enjoy the US west coast in a camperized van, travel along the Australian Ocean Road with an RV, or discover the European Alps at your own peace on a motorhome,  there are some steps you need to follow in order to improve your chances of successfully doing a temporarily van exchange.

1: Make sure you are correctly receiving other user messages:

First of all, when someone messages you on swapmyvan, you will receive an email alert. Unfortunately, we can´t do much about this messages not been sent to the Spam Folder, or for Gmail users, a semi hidden folder called Promotions Folder. So please, make sure to regularly check those folders at first, until you receive some messages from our site. Then you will have the chance to move those messages to the Main Inbox where they should be. That should prevent our messages from been redirected any more to the spam.

Swap My Van Messages been sent to Promotions Folder in Gmail
Swap My Van Messages been sent to Promotions Folder in Gmail

2: Create an Appealing Profile.

After registering, make sure to edit your profile and add as much information as possible. Click on the gear wheel and go to Edit Profile. Make sure to upload a Profile photo of you (the small rounded one) and a cover photo of your vehicle.

How to Create a Profile on Swap My Van
How to Create a Profile on Swap My Van

Additionally, adding a long an accurate description of yourself, your vehicle and your travelling goals, will help other users know if you can be a great fit for a van swap or not. Talk about what you do for a living, who do you travel with, and where are you dreaming of going next! About your van, include details such as, the number of beds in your motorhome, the length of your van, or talk about that exterior BBQ that you have in your campervan, that is always the envy of the campground.  Also, don´t forget to fill in your availability in the calendar, and the specifications of your vehicle. All that information will appear on the search engine and will help users find you using the filters. And most importantly! upload as many pictures of your campervan or motorhome as possible, both in and outside.

How to Change cover and profile photo
Changing cover and profile photos
Upload Pictures of Your Van
Upload Pictures of your Van

3: Connect with other users.

Once you have already decided when and where you would like to travel by van or motorhome, you are ready to start talking to other users. If you are not yet sure, you can always use the map to get inspired. Anyhow, explore other user profiles, and when you find interesting ones, feel free to click on the message button and start to chat. We recommend that after a couple messages, if you think you could be a match, you move the conversation somewhere like Whatsapp, where you can talk by phone and video call.

We will soon publish another article with tips for safer Vanswapping.