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How does Swap My Van work?

Swap My Van is a website that helps Van, Campervan and Motorhome owners to travel overseas. By joining the community, you can temporarily exchange your vehicle with someone from another place. It´s the Home-exchange for the campervan world. 

Imagine you live in Europe, you own a campervan, and you want to travel the US by van. You can either rent a Van in the US, ship your Van overseas by boat, or you can register at Swap My Van and save a lot of money!

The process: First, you register on the website and create a profile of you and your house on wheels. Then you search for travelers who also want to arrange a motorhome exchange. You can use the map to see where people are available for a van swap, or select the dates when you are available, or the countries where you want to travel by van to, by using the filters. Third, you chat with other users and arrange how to make the van swapping possible. Having doubts? Get more info here.

This is real collaborative economy into action! 


How does this work?

What are the advantages over just renting my van and using that money for traveling? How will this affect my insurance? How do I find someone who wants to exchange his/her campervan? Get answers to your questions clicking the icon.


Register your Vehicle

Fill in a simple form in 3 minutes and help the community grow. Planning a temporary van swap takes time, better register now and start receiving messages from worldwide travelers. Click the icon, it´s free! 


Connect, and go!

Use this website to get inspired, and discover van exchange possibilities all over the world. Browse a map full of motorhome swap opportunities. You can also search, and filter by country, continent, availability dates, campervan specifications, and more!