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How much does this cost?

¡Nothing! En Swap My Van, you can get in touch with like-minded people completely free of charge.

But if you want to increase your chances of exchange, you can upgrade to a premium account.

With a premium account, you'll have unlimited contacts through direct chat with other users.

What are the advantages of exchanging my vehicle?

It allows you to travel to different parts of the world, and have a ride once you get there. It’s particularly useful to travel far, or overseas.

It helps you save a lot of money, since you don´t need to rent a motorhome or a van, nor send your own in a ship container.

It’s fun! Not sure where to go? Just enter and see where there is an available van exchange for your dates. You will also get a lot of local firsthand tips from the other vehicle owner!

How do I organize a van exchange?

We suggest you use the search engine to find vehicle owners that fit your interests and you message them. (You need to register in order to message other users, make sure your profile looks appealing!) If things get interesting, we suggest you consider doing video calls, or you use any form of communication you see fit, to get to know each other, and your vehicles, better.

Do we need to exchange at the exact same time?

That is up to you guys! Swap My Van in a trusted-based platform with the goal to get people in touch. It is up to you to make and agreement and be truthful to your word. Many times it will be great to van exchange at the exact time, some other times it might be not so convenient, for instance if you are campervan swapping with a person from the other hemisphere of the planet.

Why not just rent my Van and use that money to rent another one?

If you decide to rent your RV or your Van, you have no control over who is going to use your vehicle, or how. Most people who don´t own a Van or RV of their own, are not really ready to take good care of your beloved ride. Here, you will know exactly who is using your vehicle, and you will be using theirs; there is no better insurance than that!

Also, if you rent your Motorhome or campervan commercially, you will have to pay a lot of taxes, your insurance won’t cover you for any damage since it’s a commercial activity, and in some countries, you need to register as an enterprise to be able to legally rent a vehicle for profit.

Is Swap My Van responsible for my vehicle exchange?
No. Swap My Van is only a mean to get people with complementary interests to know each other. What you do with it it’s only your responsibility.
What if the other person damages my vehicle?

We encourage you to make sure you are covered with your insurance company before doing any vehicle exchange. Most companies will get you covered if you let your vehicle to a friend with no commercial interest, and that’s exactly what Swap My Van is.

Any other safety measures?

We recommend that both parties sign a temporary exchange contract that includes a copy of the driver’s passport. Always make sure to know who you are swapping with, you should both get identified with your passport or similar documents. You can download a sample contract here (Please note we take no responsibility for this contract, which is provided only as an example, use it under your responsibility or write your own). This document will also be useful if you get pulled over by the police while driving the other person vehicle.

This safety measures should only be taken as advice, your own security it is only your responsibility.

What if someone tries to steal my vehicle?
We think that is very unlikely, since it doesn´t make a lot of sense to travel to other country, arrange a van swap, get identified, and then steal a vehicle. It would be easier for a robber to just rent a campervan and never bring it back, or just steal a motorhome from the street. In any case in the very rare case that that happened, you would have to go to the police, where you could provide your contract and the identity info of the person.

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