Burstner Ixeo 728G

Member:  Brianfran
About me

We are a couple that loves travelling in our Motorhome in New Zealand. We have purchased 2 from UK and travelled extensively in Europe and shipped them home to New Zealand. We are still working in our business and have approximately 2 months per annum when we could travel in Europe. We have family in Bavaria which makes a swap most appealing.

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Capacity: 4 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, Alternator, Shower, canstandupside


Vehicle Info

We quite enjoy the benefits of freedom camping and the unknown destinations but always with safety in mind. Cleanliness and vehicle maintenance is top of our list when it comes to personal ownership. Our 2019 MH is a 4 berth with twin beds at rear and overhead / drop down over dining area. It has Alde heating which is excellent. 3 way Dometic fridge, TV, Solar power and decent inverter. It is set up with completely for weeks away travelling. It has a 4.5 metre awning and bike rack for 2 bikes. We could potentially offer our E Bikes as part of swap. The vehicle has 43,000kms on clock and is in pristine condition. We would wish to sway like for like. Our desired dates for travel to Europe would be May 2025, October 2025 but flexible.