House looking for a Van – Africa – Janine Thetard

11 Ave Marina, Fresnaye, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa

House looking for a Van
Member:  Janine Thetard
About me

We are an Adventurous family. We love surfing, hiking and exploring new places. We wish we had a van, possibly still to come. We have 2 beautiful homes so if settling down for a while is what you are looking for, or even roadtripping along the GARDEN ROUTE from CAPE TOWN to SAINT FRANCIS BAY ( which is probably one of the most beautiful adventures in the world) google the capital words and check out the majesty that is South Africa.

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Vehicle Specs:
Continent: Africa

Country: South Africa

Vehicle Info

1.) HOUSE - Cape Town, Apartment near the world famous Clifton Beaches, Sea Poin Promenade and majestic Table mountain. Easy to hop on busses or even walk from there as so central. Sleeps 4+
2.) HOUSE - The sleepy village of Saint Francis Bay - we are walking distance( as in just down the road) to the amazing Hullets wave and just a 1/2 hr from the world renowned Jeffereys Bay Supertubes wave. Our beautiful home sleeps 10, is solar ( so no loadshedding) and is surrounded by the most beautiful walks, hikes, water sports, cycling, etc
3.) CAR

Vehicle Rules: