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Oslo, Norway

House looking for a Van
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About me

I live in downtown Oslo, Norway, but I don’t have my vehicle in Europe (it’s in New York)…
I have the flexibility to travel any time right now, and I really want to travel around mainland-Europe / eastern-Europe in a van, but the only thing I can exchange right now is my apartment in Oslo’s city center.

So I had this great idea: if there is someone with a van, who wants to come to Oslo (for however long – 1 week, 2 months, I’m fine with whatever time frame), then we could swap the van for my apartment! Both would be extremely expensive (you renting an apartment in downtown Oslo, and me renting a van for a few weeks). With this swap, we could both save a ton of money on accommodation and hang out (almost for free) in another part of the world.

My apartment is as close to the city center as one can possibly be. The castle is on the same street, so the King is my neighbor! And I drive all the time – I have driven vans and large vehicles all of my adult life, so whatever kind of van it is, I can handle it. I have a Norwegian driver’s license (as well as one from the US).

I know this might be a long shot, but if you’d like a vacation to Oslo (which is absolutely amazing in the summer time – the midnight sun, 23 hour day light, swimming in the fjords, nice mountain air, nature all around via public transportation, etc.), then please let me know! I think this could be an amazing opportunity for both of us =)

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Country: Norway

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