Mercedes Vito Bus and a camping trailer with all the extras, can accommodate 6 traveller’s in one go.

Eversdal, Cape Town, South Africa

Car with Trailer-RV
Member:  ELLA1110
About me

We are in our fifties, Cape Town a business couple, married with our youngest: twins 14 years old wanting to camp-travel Europe in June July. I did it as a student many moons ago, would love to give our very active well mannered outdoors twins a taste of Europe! We travel camp a lot on holidays in our home country South Africa

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Capacity: + 4 People
Vehicle Specs: Alternator
Continent: Africa

Country: South Africa

Vehicle Info

Just treat our stuff as your own, we would treat yours likewise. We also have a caravan stored in the seaside holiday town of Mosselbay, you can use it any time in the year except 10 December to 4 January. Only in Mosselbay, it will be rigged for you at De Bakke Holiday Resort

I will take pictures today as we are heading out for Easter, should upload in the next few days