Rv-Motorhome-Camper – Europe – Silviu Florescu

Strada Știrului 2, București, România

Member:  Silviu Florescu
About me

Man of 42 years old from Romania, loving all kind of sports and outdoors. Would like to swap mine with a 4×4 motorhome in Canada, US or Australia. No pets or smoking owner!

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Vehicle Specs:
Continent: Europe

Country: Romania

Vehicle Info

It is a 4x4 compact expedition vehicle , Vw Transporter T5 with rear diff lock, offroad suspension kit, easy to drive size (total lenght: 5,7 m / 18,7 ft ; box lenght: 3m/9.8ft), Euro 5 emissions noxes with DPF (accepted in all european cities). It is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, for the moment. Will be ready starting to december 2023. Will post more photos then. Includes 3 seats with belts, 4 sleeping beds, shower, toilet, kitchen, all electric (no gas), 150 L of fresh water, 3kw inverter, 550w solar, 4kw lithium battery. An inflatable electric boat will be available, too.

Vehicle Rules:
NO smoking inside, NO pets allowed ! Keep it clean inside !