Rv-Motorhome-Camper – North America – Mackenzie Junkins

Saskatoon, SK S7L 3J2, Canadá

About me

My boyfriend and I are recent university graduates who are interested in travelling the world. We built our home on wheels to escape the demands of society and live the way that we want to. Experience is so important and travelling in an RV is one of the easiest ways to experience everywhere you go.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, Alternator, Shower, canstandupside
Continent: North America

Country: Canada

Vehicle Info

The inside is very big, open and homey with a feel from the 70's. Vinyl record covers plaster the ceiling to create a very unique atmosphere. It is a 1974 GMC Vandura custom built RV. It is carbureted but drives wonderfully. There is no A/C so it can get a little hot but roll down the windows and open your foot vents to let in a breeze while you coast. We custom built the interior, there is a propane stove/oven, propane/electric fridge that works on shore power, and it is equipped with batteries and solar to run small electronics. There is a sink in the kitchen and an all-in-one bathroom (shower, toilet, sink). We have a freshwater tap separate for drinking because the pipes are lead.

Vehicle Rules: