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1017 1/2, 1017 E Cascade Ave, River Falls, WI 54022, USA

Member:  Meighan Maloney
About me

WE are located about 30 miles from Minneapolis. Perfect access to the Great Lakes heading east and Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse/the Rockies heading West.
We are non-smoking, tidy, and responsible. We are fully vaccinated and boosted.

We’ve both traveled in every way imaginable over the years, and been lucky to have amazing experiences all over the world. We rented a camper van in 2012 and circled Scotland exploring Roman ruins and we were hooked. In 2015 we camped our way around southern France. We spent a year traveling and housesitting around the US, Canada, and Mexico with a travel trailer and then upgraded to this small RV.

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Capacity: 4 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, Shower, canstandupside
Continent: North America

Country: United States

Vehicle Info

She's a 1995 Born Free, which is somewhat a "botique" brand many people are not familiar with. Born Frees were each made by hand, and a single team of craftsmen were responsible for creating each coach, based on a specific pre-order from the buyer—I guess those days are long gone! The woodwork is solid oak, there are steel roll bars around the ceiling for safety, and it is heavy enough to feel quite safe in stormy conditions or windy roads.

The vehicle is 21 feet bumper to bumper so you can park and drive just about anywhere. The drive portion is a Dodge Van and it feels pretty much like driving a van, although more solid. I uploaded the drawing from the Owner's Manual, but ours has 2 bench seats with a cafe table, rather than the swivel chairs and fold out table.

We’ve done a number of updates including a convection microwave, Berkey water system, new captain’s chairs in the cab, easy-clean flooring, and lots of improved storage space. There are 2 twin beds (one converts from the dining table) and we also have both a full tent and a gazelle screen porch that can be used for additional sleeping/living areas. The kitchen is fully stocked with a nice set of Magma pans, nested prep/serving bowls, 4 corelle place settings, glass tumblers, ceramic coffee cups, cloth napkins, a large picnic-table size tablecloth, down comforters and other touches. We have towels, pillows, etc. Really you just need to bring your clothes! We have a wifi hotspot and an OTR WeBoost set-up so you can get internet just about anywhere, anytime. Air conditioning unit is brand new, and the RV has fresh water, black, and grey tanks.

Boondocking: There is a generator and two 12-v deep cell batteries. There is a propane furnace (and an ancillary electric heat function). Fridge runs on propane or electric. We have other camping gear (camp chairs, folding tables) also.

Vehicle Rules:
No smoking, vaping, tobacco use. We provide dish soap, handsoap, shampoo, laundry soap so we can keep the BF as fragrance free as possible. No scented candles, essential oils or other heavily scented products. No off roading.