Rv-Motorhome-Camper – North America – Sam Bawcum

Albuquerque, NM, EE. UU.

Member:  Sam Bawcum
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Capacity: + 4 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, Alternator, Shower, canstandupside
Continent: North America

Country: United States

Vehicle Info

2016 Thor Majestic23A [former Cruise America RV]
25 feet (8m) overall length.
V8 gasoline engine (built for comfort, not speed)
Automatic transmission
Solar: 500 watts panels charging Goal Zero Yeti 1000x, engine alternator charging Goal Zero Yeti 3000, 100 amp/hour AGM house battery, 4000watt Onan gas generator.
Propane 3-burner stove top
Propane refrigerator/freezer
Shower, toilet, sink.
30 gallons (117 liters) fresh water tank.

Vehicle Rules:
US travel only.
No off-road travel.
No Smoking.