Tented Car – Oceania – Kimberlee Baldry

JX9M+Q4 Paddys River NSW, Australia

Tented Car
Member:  Kimberlee Baldry
About me

Meet Suzie the Isuzu!

Suzie is a seasoned traveller of Australia, with more than one cross-country drive under her belt. Whilst she has a simple set-up she gets the job done and being a 4×4 can get into all of the fun spots. She can go anywhere – so get ready to explore the Australian mountains and the outback.

At the moment the camper has has a double sized roof-top tent, a fridge, a converter, deep cycle battery (rechargable whilst driving from the alternater or via a solar blanket), 270 degree awning, some drawers, 2 x camping chairs, a camping table, two-burner stove and all the cooking essentials. I also have other camping gear I am willing to share.

Pick-up drop-off locations may be flexible as I have family/fiends in most states so I travel frequently. Suzie has been to every state and territory, except for Tasmania. Will you take her there? Want to cross the Nullaboor? Head to Uluru? Just get in contact and we can start a conversation.

Im will be in Europe in August 2024 so I am looking for a ride to explore Southern France. Im keen to explore more of the world especially quick escapes to NZ so don’t be shy and lets talk!

P.S. Suzie has a manual transmission, so you will need to drive stick

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: 4WD
Continent: Oceanía

Country: Australia

Vehicle Info

4x4 2014 Isuzu DMAX Space cab. Seats 2 people very comfortable, 3 extra people can fit in the extra cab which has small seats.

Vehicle Rules:
Just drive safe 🙂