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Salzburger Str., 5020 Salzburg, Österreich

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About me

We live in Salzburg and like to Explore Europe with our little incognito VW Caddy Camper Van. With Jason being from the U.S. we travel a lot to North America as well. Keeping a car/camper van in North America for only these trips isn’t very cost-effective, so we are looking to swap with people who would like to visit Europe.

We can also host you in our home before and after departure if you like (guest room), give you any hints for arrival or even pick you up at the Salzburg airport if necessary.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs:
Continent: Europe

Country: Austria

Vehicle Info

2008 VW Caddy Van
It's a standard Caddy that has a self-made fold-out bed and drawers for food and utensils and boxes for storage of your personal belongings/gear. We usually take the back seat out for longer trips for more storage. It's not a huge camper but therefore has the advantage of being a rather incognito camper since it looks like a normal car, it fits in most places and through smaller roads - which most people traveling in Europe will know is an absolute advantage (try driving up some mountain village roads in Italy and France!). It has tinted windows in the back and total blackout shades to stick on each window, as well as mosquito nexts that can be mounted to the two front windows. It also has an independent vehicle heater so you don't get cold during frosty nights. We have standard camping gear for cooking that we can provide you with, as well as outside solar shower bags - not super fancy but does the trick.

Vehicle Rules:
No smoking and no driving on rough roads / potholes please! Southeastern Europe tends to have worse roads and also problems with broken into cars so please be careful and park it in unsafe areas / check beforehand!