Van – Europe – Claudia Metzger

Mozartstraße 30, 34246 Vellmar, Deutschland

Member:  Claudia Metzger
About me

We are Claudia and Richard, we own a 4×4 Sprinter we use a lot ourselves and this Volkswagen T4 (Vanagon) we converted last year for our kids. It is available for a swap.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs:
Continent: Europe

Country: Germany

Vehicle Info

Volkswagen T4 Synchro (4WD) camper van (long wheel base). We have a solar panel 120 Wp and a lithium (100 amphours) battery and 160W inverter with 2 regular 230V outlets. There are 4 USB sockets to charge electronic equipment, and ceiling touch spots for lighting. Inside we have 2 x 12 liter fresh water canisters and a 35 l grey water tank under it. It sleeps two on the convertible bed sofa with big soft real mattress (190 x 150 shoulder, 190 x 120 feet). There is also a swivel passenger seat with work table and a folding table, that can be used inside and outside. In the kitchenette we have a chest style cooler 40 l (230V and 12 V use), an induction stove top, a sink/faucet. There is a retractable outside kitchen with gas cooker in the back. We also have a little composting toilet and an outdoor shower with pump system to use hot water. There are custom insulated curtains for the side windows and thermal shades for front and rear windows. There is a window in the roof and one of the side windows slides open. We have moskito netting for windows and the door. The van comes fully equipped with all the necessary gear. We are in the middle of Germany/Europe between the airports of Frankfurt and Hannover. France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria and Poland, Denmark are each about 400km, Italy is 600km away. There is a strict no-Smoking no-pets rule.

Vehicle Rules:
No pets, no smoking, no off-roading except moderate gravel roads