Van – Europe – Jacques Laverman

7M4P+2Q Tadworth, UK

Member:  Jacques Laverman
About me

My wife and I are digital nomads in our late 30’s. South Africans but living in the UK for the last 4 years. We have travelled to 23 countries in the last 9 years including a 4 month roadtrip across 31 states in the US.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, Shower, canstandupside
Continent: Europe

Country: United Kingdom

Vehicle Info

2016 Ford Transit Jumbo or LWB. full solar setup, water tanks, Gas, hot water heater and hot air heater. Bike rack and offroad tires. Large windows and roof fan. Our van feels like a home inside and is fully equipped for fulltime living and off-grid too. We designed and sourced everything on it for fitment by a professional. The van is narrow enough for small lanes but long enough for comfort. Lots of headroom for even tall people. 7m or 20ft to
Vehicle Rules:
No smoking inside or pets. Some dirt road driving is allowed but not long distances or tough terrain.