Van – Europe – Johannes Rauchfuss

Berlin, Deutschland

About me

Hello, we are the adventurers Julie and Johannes. We have been the companions of Junior – the AdVANturer. But now we are going down under for a while. So that Junior doesn’t get his head turned there, he prefers to stay here in Europe and throw his own party in the meantime.

We are happy if he is doing well and Junior is able to meet many new people.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen
Continent: Europe

Country: Germany

Vehicle Info

Hi, it's me: Junior - the AdVANturer! My parents are going on a big discovery tour Down Under.
During this time I can party in Europe and discover cool new places.
Therefore I'm looking for one or two cool companions, who are up. Have a look at what I can do: I offer you - for max. 2 adventurers - a home.
With comfortable armrests for driving and a mega comfortable bed lounge.
I have a roof terrace, where you can go directly to the table with the freshly prepared food (from my cooking corner) and munching expand your view of the horizon. In addition, I bring portable solar panel, which you can align to the sun, so that I can optimally charge my second battery with the help of the sun. This in turn will provide you with enough energy for necessary home office days, your compressor fridge, your cell phones (with which you can record all our adventures together), your electric toothbrush and whatever else you need to charge.
To make sure we always have fun, I also attach a CD and radio system. We want to drive safely everywhere and still talk on the phone with your friends who stayed at home. For this I have a built-in hands-free system that you can easily use via Bluetooth. I'm also perfectly prepared for parking: a rear view camera so you can see everything at all times.
- Because I even have an outdoor shower, so that you always feel comfortable in your own skin and can snuggle freshly showered in my bed.
- Of course, the cozy outdoor lounge may not be missing. For this I have a camping table, a flexible hanging table, 2 camping chairs, 1 awning and a tarp ready.
- I also have two removable fly nets,
- By the way, I simply cover my kitchenette directly myself with my unfolded rear end, so I can keep you dry in any weather. When cooking, you also always have all the spices at hand, which I offer you around the cooking corner in the spice boxes.
- You can darken and insulate my windows. Then you only have to put on my pajamas in the evening.

Vehicle Rules:
House rules: I would very much like to be used as a long term rental, so that I can really experience ALL adventures together with you. 🙂 This also includes that you can take a ferry with me to the Canary Islands, so that we can spend the winter there together.

So I would also be very happy about a crazy year as a companion of Digital Nomads (because I already know that from my parents).

Otherwise, I like it when you also give me a spa day every now and then and give me a massage from top to bottom with those ticklish brushes. About delicious diesel and engine oil I'm also always happy in between or at the service. Full service is just my thing.