Van – Europe – Svenja Baumann

Berlin, Deutschland

Member:  Svenja Baumann
About me

Hey people,
I’m planning a trip to Australia in 2024 (probably in the time May-August) for two months. For that I would love to swap my van located in Berlin with a van anywhere in Australia.
I’ve been living or just traveling in this van and other vans on and off for the last 6 years mostly in Germany, France, Portugal and Spain. Therefore I’d consider myself a quite experienced driver (at least on the right side!) and caretaker of vans 🙂
For the time I’ll be in Australia, my van will be sitting unused near Berlin at my parents house and can be picked up and used all over Europe.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Shower
Continent: Europe

Country: Germany

Vehicle Info

Opel Vivaro from 2005. Will go through the technical inspection again in May 2024 and has been a reliable vehicle for me in the last 3 years.
Very rustic but charming self-built interior. Not so much a house on wheels but more a life outside and a little comfort on the road - kinda van.
- 6kg gas bottle that usually lasts for 3 months (I cook a lot!) with camping stove (inside but can also be taken outside)

- Running water with 35L water storage (not much but there are plenty of places to fill up in Europe)

- Attachable shower head for outside showers

- Solar panel 100W with converter to charge laptops etc. (many months I worked remotely from the van).

- Single bed that can be expanded to fit two people

- Storage under bed and in kitchen area

- Roof rack to attach surfboards e.g.

- 3 front seats (double seat in front is usually used by my dog or when I pick up hitch-hikers)
Vehicle Rules:

Preferably no smoking in the van.

Pets welcome

Ask me anything!