Van – Europe – Tomasz Nojmiler

Brdowska 13, 71-711 Szczecin, Polska

Member:  Tomasz Nojmiler
About me

We are a climbing/kitesurfing family and use our Jumpy mainly for climbing and kitesurfing purposes. Once or twice a year we pack or stuff and go for a longer trip.

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Capacity: 4 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen
Continent: Europe

Country: Poland

Vehicle Info

Jumpy (that's the name of our vehicle) is a Peugeot Expert with a kitchen/bed inside and an attachable tent. Kitchen is equipped with gas stove, fridge, utensils, 40 liters of water in 2 tanks, table and chairs. Fridge is powered with 100 ah LIFEPO battery loaded with 110 W solar panel. Under the bed there is a storage space for our equipment. Generaly the vehicle is designed for 4 persons: 2 sleep inside and the kids sleep in the attached tent.

Vehicle Rules:
Jumpy is self made so don't expect 5* hotel:-). No smoking. As far as swap: we don't have fixed calendar for travel so the best way is to contact and talk:-)