Van – Europe – Wojtek Pankowski

Warsaw, Poland

Member:  Wojtek Pankowski
About me

Hello, explorers of spirit and space.
We are Angelika, Wotek and our little traveling companion – Zoe, who is already a year and a half old. We are traveling through roads of Europe in our campervan based on a Renault Master. You can check our Instagram account @czulinaswiat (sorry only polish).

We are on this Earth not only to experience our own adventures, but also to show the world to our daughter. We want Zoe to be able to look at people and cultures without prejudice. We want to show her that humanity is beautiful in its diversity and that openness is the key to understanding this world.

Saying that, we want to show Zoe west coast of US around May 2024, probably for like 4-6 weeks. Looking for swap. Our van is going to be available since that time. Need to carry 3 people, have fridge, solar panel, toilet, stove, heating, fresh water, etc.

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Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, Alternator, Shower, canstandupside
Continent: Europe

Country: Poland

Vehicle Info

A 2017 Renault Master L3H2 self-swapped into a living space. Over 100-liter fresh water tank with filtering system (inside). 200Ah battery with 400W solar panel + alternator. Composting tolilet. Air heater (webasto). Shower outside van. Double bed (170x130) + single bed (170x60). Gas stove and gas fridge. You can tank gas in most EU countries, last for ~2 weeks. Roof deck. 3 people on the front seats.

Vehicle Rules:
No smoking inside. No AWD so be careful with mud.