Van – North America – Celia Au

QVHM+RH Erin, ON, Canadá

Member:  Celia Au
About me

I’m a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, currently using my Van (on weekends) to explore the outdoors, go for hikes and visit different cities and learn about different cultures. I enjoy slow travel, meeting other travellers and connecting with the Vanlife Community, sharing resources and stories. I would love to visit Europe, Australia, South America and Asia.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, Alternator, Shower, canstandupside
Continent: North America

Country: Canada

Vehicle Info

"Beatrice the Van" is a 144WB high roof Mercedes Sprinter. Equipped with 2 solar panels and 1x lithium (218amp hours) battery and 2000W inverter (charge your lap top, run a toaster, airfyer, or kettle - one appliance at a time). Inside, I have a 30 gallon fresh water and 15 gallon grey water tank (Bio-dagradle, eco friendly products only). It sleeps 2 (Queen size) that converts into a dinette. I have 2 roof fans for air flow, a swival passenger seat and a kitchenette. There's a chest style fridge and a camp stove (which I use outdoors). I have a toilet (Porta Potty). #1 in a jug and #2 "poop in a bag". I find this the best set up. I rarely find an issue with this as there are avaialble restrooms everywhere I go. I also have an outdoor shower out back for quick wash ups. I have custom, insulated, black out shades for all the windows to help with temperature control and provide privacy. It's a simple set up and has all the basics you need to explore on the road.

Vehicle Rules:
No Smoking, No Pets, No off roading. No reckless driving! Be considerate and treat "Beatrice" with respect and others while using and visiting the areas. Let's make a good impression for our "Vanlife" community.