Van – North America – Christina Nanfito

22G3+M6 Brick Township, NJ, EE. UU.

About me

Hi! Me and my dog Benje would love to swap vans and explore other parts of the globe! Europe! Australia! And wherever else life takes us. Just finishing up the entire USA, Baja, Canada, Alaska, and back through currently in the east coast USA ready to leave the continent.

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Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, canstandupside
Continent: North America

Country: United States

Vehicle Info

Solar on top supporting two Jackery 500 batteries that are super easy to use. Fridge that runs off of jackery full time. Butaine stove. Sink with foot pedal and easy to fill water cans. Uses regular unleaded gasoline. Can stand up inside and move around easily, very spacious and efficient storage. Runs really great. Excellent tires that can go in snow and hard packed sand. Windows all the way around for 360’ views. Back doors open all the way. Kayak comes with. Telescope ladder included to get up on roof.

Vehicle Rules:
No smoking of any kind inside van. Off road driving will likely get you stuck or with mechanical issues, I’d suggest not doing it if you don’t have to.