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Member:  David Perillo
About me

My wife Tracey and I have been living in our van full time, since May of 2016. We are in our mid 30s and have recenty ran out of places that sounded exciting enough to drive the van too. In order to continue traveling we want to do it across an ocean. Start a new advanture, and get that fresh feeling of exploration back.

We are open to any sort of smaller van/vehicle. We do not want an RV. We are open to anyone in Europe, close to an airport, or willing to come pick us up. We just need a place to start a journey. Looking to travel for 2-4 months.

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Vehicle Specs:


Vehicle Info

Our van's name is Elle. She is a 2017 Mercedes Sprinter. We built her ourselves and she is a well oiled machine. Very easy to maintain, and quick to exchange or gather resources. She is completely solar dependent, and has no problem keeping up with electric demands.

Interior is 6'3" tall so there is head room for most. There is a kitchenette with running cold water sink. 50L fridge. Interior lights. Multiple electric outlets.

Vehicle Rules:
We do not have 4-wheel drive, so be mindful that she won't be great in sand or mud.