Van – North America – Eli Call

Member:  Eli Call
About me

This is my 5th Van and have gotten better and better and making the ideal van each time. Lots of storage and all the necessities for any short or long road trip. The longest road trip I have done in it is about 6,000 miles (about 9,600 km). Its set up with enough water and food storage to go up to 2 weeks without restocking. Solar power and the motor charges the batteries as well. lots of storage in front for day to day things and even more storage in the back (I keep a mountain bike in the back). the bed has a max height of 6’2 or 6’3″ end to end or much longer if diagonal.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Alternator, Shower, canstandupside


Vehicle Info

Mercedes sprinter 144. pristine condition. HIGH roof so you can stand in it up to about 6'3" tall.
well taken care of. Diesel motor. Sleeps two in queen bed, another in a hammock inside as well.

Vehicle Rules:
Treat my vehicle as you would treat your own. No pets I am highly allergic.