Van – North America – Erin Wright

1921 Ashgrove St, Victoria, BC V8R 4N8, Canada

Member:  Erin Wright
About me

I live in Victoria, BC on Vancouver island where there is so much vast wild terrain to explore. I am in my fifties and travel with my partner in the photo above. We are open to exploring almost anywhere and it doesn’t have to be a swap at the same time.

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Capacity: 4 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, 4WD, Alternator, canstandupside
Continent: North America

Country: Canada

Vehicle Info

I have a 4x4 2016 Sprinter Van that has a large comfy bed and under the bed you could put a cot to sleep one more. There is plenty of storage under the bed and a removable back seat. There are seatbelts for four people but it is most comfortable for two. There is a sink with a large water reservoir in the back and a small toilet. Heat works well, perfect for Tofino cool nights.

Vehicle Rules:
Prefer to keep the vehicle in BC. Kilometer use to be 250km per day and we can discuss overages.