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Merchantville, NJ 08109, USA

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About me

Hey guys! Rounding my 2nd year of van life. We’ve gone on many trips in the states and looking forward to more. However, I’m feeling a little deprived of world travel and couldn’t think of a better way to explore than to swap with people in other countries!

I love the idea of sharing my van with fellow van lifer’s who respect and value their ride and have experience in the nuances of protecting it. Rocksanne is strong and reliable. We just completes a cross country trip spanning 3 months ( I mapped the route in a photo below). My home base is in NJ, but plan to be out West more and would be happy to bring it out there for your trip.

Looking forward to meeting others and sharing our favorite/convenient spots for travel. Things I look for in other’s van is big enough for me to stand and sleep, adequate cooking area, and ideally you also have Starlink so I can work!

If you want to peep some of the adventure we’ve been on feel free to check me out on Instagram @gregoryhample I stay pretty active there.

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Vehicle Specs:
Continent: North America

Country: United States

Vehicle Info

Rocksanne, 2004 Mercedes Sprinter 2WD 119k
She's a workhorse, with lots of life in her. I built her out myself, and outfitted her with lots of maple and black walnut accents. I've spent time in her and added conveniences of life, which make van life more intuitive and comfortable. She's small enough to park in any standard space and at busy trail heads.


Diesel Heater Under Passenger Seat
600AH LiPO4 battery bank
400 watt solar
40amp Renogy DC to DC (Charges while Driving)
3000 watt Inverter- 2 AC wall outlets
5 USB-B and 2 USB-C outlets
Bluetooth Radio with built in Mic
Rear and Front view Camera
Star Link Roam ($150 a month)
MaxxAir Fan
Undercarriage Air Duct Fan by bed
360 Swivel fan over Passenger Seat


Overhead lights
Undercounter Lights
RGB LED strips wrap all around the inside of the van
Reading Light by Bed
Garage Lighting


Upright Refrigerator 2.1 Cubic Feet (very big for a van)
18 Gallons of Water Storage (3 x 6 gallon jugs)
7 gallon grey water that can drain from bottom of the van
Sink with extendable head
Hand Soap Pump
Induction Cooktop 1 burner
Convection Oven
Electric Kettle
Multiple Cupboards and shelves for food Storage


Driver and Passenger Swivel Seats
Foldout counter for eating and cooking
Permanent Bed
Board Cushion for Couch mode or for extended bed 6’2”
Outside Folding table
Door Opens under bed to access garage area from the front

Vehicle Rules:
Planning to make a "How to" video for Rocksanne so you know things like locking the fridge before you drive so the contents don't fly across the floor on you! (Cause that's never happened)