Van – North America – Korey Hart

Old Farwig Farm Rd, Union Township, MO 63084, USA

Member:  Korey Hart
About me

We’re the Hart family. We travel extensively worldwide. We also have an expedition truck which I’ll have to create another profile to list. We love overland travel and have driven to Central America, Canada, and throughout the US. We’re based in Missouri and have a farm.

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Capacity: + 4 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, 4WD, canstandupside
Continent: North America

Country: United States

Vehicle Info

144 wheel based, high roof, 2017, 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter. His name is Moby. You can stand inside.

He’s configurable but we primarily keep him in camp mode which is the 4 person bench in the third row, this allows east/west sleeping on an approximate queen size bed behind the bench seat. This also allows a great size garage / storage under the bed. In front of the bench we have a small “kitchen”, this is a 12v tf130 truck fridge, 5 gallon Jerry can for water, and a countertop for a camp stove (though we specify outdoor cooking for anything other than water / coffee/ tea). The passenger seat swivels and there’s an overhead storage. The van has dual house AGM batteries charged by the alternator. This will run the refrigerator for a few days and still charge USB devices - we have usb plugs. There’s a maxair fan for ventilation and we have big screens for the front windows. Also interior LED lighting that’s dimmable.

Side and front lighting for work and safety switched from the inside. We can accommodate a bike rack too. Roof rack for boats. We may be able to provide kayaks or paddle boards.

Great stereo with extra subwoofer. Lots of options on this rig. Diesel heater for cool nights too. Insulted front window covers.

Pump up water port for showers (outside). - heat water on the stove. Bucket style toilet.

For trade we really need a six passenger. We also have an expedition truck, large, fully self contained.

Vehicle Rules:
No smoking. No off gravel.