Van – North America – Lauren Zweber

4530 Perry St, Denver, CO 80212, USA

Member:  Lauren Zweber
About me

Started out the vanlife as a single female solo traveler, and I’ve explored most of the United States! I’ve found a vanlife partner and we are looking to expand our adventures beyond the USA, which brings us to VanSwap! I’m based in Denver and excited to meet more nomads and facilitate Rocky Mountain adventures for new friends as we explore vanlife worldwide!

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, canstandupside
Continent: North America

Country: United States

Vehicle Info

Daisy is a 2014 Promaster that was built to function as a long term remote-work-friendly home. She is a high-roof model, and anyone 6'1" or shorter can stand comfortably inside. Two bench seats and a table make for easy work, eat, or relaxing and then the table drops to convert into an almost-queen-size bed. Solar panels connected to 2 lithium batteries keep a mini fridge and vent fan running, as well as providing easy use of a couple of outlets. A 10-gallon propane tank is set up to fuel a 2-burner stove and oven, and together with a pressurized faucet I’ve got a full kitchen setup. I have a compost/camping toilet (no built in black water tank) that I honestly don’t use often but is available for emergencies. While she was my full time home for about 2 years, Daisy is now only used for trips and vacations, and she would love to host you!

Vehicle Rules:
Front wheel drive only, so no off roading. No cigarettes in the van, please.