Van – Oceania – Anna Pynenburg-Smith

Auckland, New Zealand

About me

Quit my job as a Commercial Manager in NZ and travelling around the world till around Feb next year. Looking to be in Europe for the summer then Asia from September till Xmas. Van at home needs a run!

Available for rental if swap not possible, NZ$30 per day.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet, Shower
Continent: Oceanía

Country: New Zealand

Vehicle Info

Van-essa is a Year 2000 Toyota Estima. Perfect for one or two people that are looking for a basic option. Van has a bed, can change into table and chairs, kitchen with all the bits and pieces and as much storage as possible! Also comes with roof racks and a towbar (for bikes not for towing). Based in central Auckland.

Vehicle Rules:
The usual… no smoking inside, no off-roading, don’t drive on the beach etc. all logical things!