Van – Oceania – Calum Mitchell

St Kilda VIC, Australia

Member:  Calum Mitchell
About me

Van Diemen began his life as part of my family on the island state of Tasmania – where he originally served as a Salamanca market work horse.

In 2020, he moved onto his more luxurious life transforming gradually into an ever more comfortable little home on wheels.

He doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but his bamboo interior and quality upgrades make him a perfect travel buddy to invoke a sense of calm and tranquility wherever you wander.

He’s now moved up with me to Melbourne so will be available from there. Although, if you’d like to take a trip to Tasmania while you’re in Australia, I’d never deny him an opportunity to return to his homeland.

Van Diemen has served me very well for countless solo trips around Tasmania and Victoria as well as many longer trips with my partner and friends visiting as far north as Byron Bay and as far east as South Australia after a trip along the Great Ocean Road.

I’ve got loads of knowledge on some of the more beautiful places to visit and look forward to lending Van Diemen to get you there.

My partner and I are very open to where we travel, but have loose dreams of visiting South America, New Zealand or completing some more travel in Europe.

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen
Continent: Oceanía

Country: Australia

Vehicle Info

Vehicle Rules:
Van Diemen is a manual.

He is an old soul and needs to be driven accordingly, slow over bumps, easy on the gears.

He doesn't have a toilet and can be a bit tight on space for 2 if you've got lots of belongings (plenty of room for 1, and 2 is easy if you keep it light). But other than that, he's perfect for little or long adventures.

He's got a large upright fridge, Dometic self powered water tap, a stow away kitchen with gas burner stove and grill, roof racks with full solar set up and surfboard padding, massive awning and an awesome portable projector with full off grid capabilities.

Van Diemen is about being comfortable but without going over the top. He's a reflection of the simple beauty found all across Australia.