Van – Oceania – Cameron Gribbon

1202 Victoria Street, Whitiora, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand

Member:  Cameron Gribbon
About me

Based in Waikato, New Zealand. My partner and I are in our mid-twenties and are looking to travel abroad. End destination is open at this stage, however, pretty keen on Europe. Let me know what’s out there!

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet
Continent: Oceanía

Country: New Zealand

Vehicle Info

The trusty 2015 Hiace is an awesome travel companion to get you from A to B with the convenience of sleeping 2. It also has a host of features that are a treat whilst out touring.

SLEEPING: The van contains a permanent double-sized bed for two. The side windows have mesh netting so the van is always well-ventilated while still keeping the bugs out! Enjoy the occasional sleep-in with blackout curtains to all windows in the sleeping area. The mattress and mattress protector are provided. Please bring your own sheets, duvet or sleeping bag.

COOLING: Air conditioning runs cold, and while stationary, utilise the many windows and crank the USB fan in the back to keep you cool and the area well-ventilated!

KITCHEN: The kitchen set-up is relatively basic. You’ll find the portable gas BBQ, extra large chilly bin, kitchen utensils and pull-out bench top at the rear of the van so you have the shelter of the rear door while cooking outside. Note, as this van is not self-contained, there is no fresh and grey water tank.

TOILET: Basic portable toilet is stored at under the bed - accessible when the bed is in use.

POWER: The van has a house battery that charges while you drive. It has plenty of power for many nights in one location. There are USB ports under the storage seat and at the rear of the van to charge your phone. An 800-watt inverter allows the running of small appliances and charging your laptop etc.

ENGINE: As a 2L petrol engine, power is somewhat limited when going up the hills, but being a modern Hiace, it drives like a dream on the highway. To save on costs while travelling, the van is fitted with a certified LPG fuel system.

Vehicle Specifications:
- 2015 Toyota Hiace
- 2 seats (with seatbelt)
- Sleeps 2 (double-size bed with foam mattress)
- 2.0-litre petrol engine (LPG fuel as well)
- Automatic transmission
- 240v and 12v power supply (Dual battery system)
- Power steering and ABS, driver Airbags
- Double head unit with apple car play, reverse camera, Bluetooth, AUX, USB etc

The following equipment/service is provided:
• 2 burner gas cooker (portable) with basic cooking utilizing
• Extra-large chilly bin
• 1 double-size bed with foam mattress
• USB powered fan in back
• Dual battery system
• Dinnerware and cutlery (2 sets)
• Camping chairs (2 sets)
• Outside camping table
• Tow bar
• 3m x 2m awning (2 people required for setup)
• Roof racks and 410L roof storage box
• Bath towels and hand towels
• Solar shower bag x 2
• Playing cards

Vehicle Rules:
'- No smoking, no heavy smell of food, no pets.
- No off-road traveling