Van – Oceania – Jo Legutko

80 Highbury Road, Karori, Wellington 6012, New Zealand

Member:  Jo Legutko
About me

Hello! I’m a South African living in Wellington, and I have been in New Zealand for three years now. I’m exploring my new country as much as I can in my campervan – best way to see New Zealand. I work a full time job though so the campervan is only gettjng 8 weeks of use per year – I have a lot of flexibility on swapping it out.
I’m 47 and occasionally a responsible adult 😉 and my van is my baby – I’ve made it very comfy and delightful! I bought it from people who lived in it year round so it’s definitely suitable for longer trips and will sleep a couple or a single comfortably.
I’m hoping to do some international travel this year and a van swap would be amazing. At the moment, I’m hoping to find a
Swap for July 2023 somewhere in Europe. I can swap simultaneously or we can agree to a different time if you want to see New Zealand when it’s a bit warmer

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Capacity: 2 People
Vehicle Specs: Kitchen, Toilet
Continent: Oceanía

Country: New Zealand

Vehicle Info

This is a 2001 Hyundai h100, manual, diesel. Drives well, handles hills well, but it’s not 4x4.

Its name is Eggs, because license plate

It is self contained, which means that you can do freedom camping more easily.
It has solar panels, a fridge, good lighting and usb charging points, a gas cooker and all the kitchen things. A 20l water container, sink, and a 20l grey water tank all connected. Lots of storage. Bed technically turns into a couch (I don’t do that but it’s doable).

It’s a normal sized van, you can’t stand up inside, but it fits into a normal parking space.

Comes with an inflatable kayak if you want to borrow it.

Vehicle Rules:
No smoking inside, no crazy dirt roads please. Treat it like your own ❤️